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Mòltair was designed by renowned industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson.

Below he speaks of his inspiration behind the design.

"Mòltair is my first watch so it was interesting challenge to decide on the design direction. As the hands are the one of most important parts of the watch, I wanted to make them a strong feature of the design. In the end the chosen set are wide and geometric so to create a bold changing graphic through the hours. All markings have been removed from the dial and palettes of complementary colours have been assigned to each of the hands. The colour minute hand has the most contrast to the dial as this is read the most.

The initial release has three colourways, black, steel, and gold. Each has their own colour combination that will hopefully appeal to both male and females.

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Another main feature of Mòltair is the textured metal case. It was important to me that the watch had honest materiality. Mòltair, meaning ‘cast’ in Gaelic (alluding to the Scottish roots of the company), has a bespoke texture that wraps around the sides and back of the stainless steel case. This visually speaks about the manufacturing process and shows the solidity of the material to set it apart from other watches on the market.


On the back, the connection to the single component strap is created by two extruded registrations clamping the pressed leather to the case via a 1mm stainless steel engraved plate and 4 micro screws.

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This lifts the case allowing it to float above the wrist and produce a smaller area that touches the wrist so to improve breathability.

The crystal has a protective 2mm centre and a wide chamfered edge that blends out to the thin rim of the case. This beautifully warps the geometric hands when viewed from the side.

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Mòltair is made from premium quality materials with a finish that will either age gracefully as the Swedish organic leather, or that will be super resistant as the Ion plated metal case."

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